“I See” Series Board Books

Shortly after starting a family, I had the idea for a simple board book. Reading to my baby boy sparked a new creative journey for me, combining my love of photography and writing. A letter from a dear friend and a message one Sunday morning about pursuing the dreams God has for our lives inspired me to take my little book idea out of the drawer and pursue publishing. The I See series was born in 2008. While these little books are out of print you can still find used copies on Amazon. Now my two babies are teens and I’m dreaming up new stories and books. Stay tuned!

I See the World God Made | I see the Me God Made | I See the Creatures God Made | I See the Colors God Made.

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I am a published author, photographer, artist, wife, and mom to two amazing kids. I love exploring my faith through the wonder and beauty of nature and sharing it all with you through photographs and writing.

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