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Continuing To Count 1000 Gifts


26) 3 gifts seen as reflections

10. Palms in the blue water

11. Myself – I don’t always like looking in the mirror and I’d much rather be photographing others

12. Coffee together on a Monday. He’s working and I’m reading, but we’re together

27) 3 Ugly Beautiful Gifts

13. My Brother David – He was hit by a car when he was almost nine. He survived the accident with a brain injury. A miracle to survive. But he still goes through so much pain. David is confined to a wheel chair, unable to move or speak. My mom has taken care of him every day. Always by his side. I don’t cry much, but this brings tears to my eyes to think of his story. Of God’s story. Because I don’t know the ending. I can’t see the beauty sometimes. And even when I can I want to say to God, that it isn’t good enough. Yet my trust is in Him. And when my heart fails and I feel bitter and sadness I think of the book of Job when God answers

The LORD Speaks Then the LORD spoke to Job out of the storm. He said: “Who is this that obscures my plans with words without knowledge?” Brace yourself like a man; I will question you, and you shall answer me. “Where were you when I laid the earth’s foundation? Tell me if you understand. Who marked off its dimensions? Surely you know!      – Job 38:1-5

14. Torn up road – The construction is ongoing, the dust and dirt is everywhere, but the big trucks remind me of all the truck books I read to my little toddler boy. He’s nine now, but we still love watching those big machines dig up the dirt.

15. The red light when I’m in a hurry – But today I see the crossing guard and I realize she’s a gift for every mom whose child she helps safely cross a busy morning road. How early does she get up to be there to take care of all those children on their way to school?

28) 3 Gifts From the Past – That Help You Trust the Future

16. A dollar bill from God – My husband and I were taking a financial stewardship Bible study. We drove far and got home late with the kids once a week. There were times when trying to put into practice all that learning seemed overwhelming. One night coming home from our study walking in with sleepy kids I looked down and there by our condo steps was a single dollar bill laying on the ground. I couldn’t believe it! I’ve kept that single dollar tucked in my Bible ever since as a reminder that our trust isn’t in what we know or see or strive for but in God alone. Our Provider.

17. The Cross – He died so that I might live

18. Turquoise necklace from my Grandma – I look to her as an example and pray that I can be an encouragement to my own grandchildren some day, the way she is to me. She’s 88 now and still using her gifts to glorify God.

29) A Gift Dull, A Gift Shimmering, A Gift Cleaned

19. New fan belt

20. Ripples in water shimmering sunlight

21. Clothes ready for more play


1) 3 Gifts at 3pm (really 4pm for me since I didn’t see the new list till later in the day)

22. Two friends

23. Gathering sticks

24. My boy and his tree

2) 3 Gifts Green

25. Papaya

26. Bananas

27. Coconuts – Evergreen Florida, it’s always growing. These beauties were right in our back courtyard, but there are gardens everywhere here. Even in parking lots and gas stations. You just have to look.

3) 3 Gifts Wore

28. Sea glass – tumbled round and round by sand and sea

29. Scooter wheel – tumbled round and round by boy and play

30. His Hands – He works late hours, still helps me with dishes when the counter gets too full, and washes my car even when his hands are cracked and hurting. He apologizes for them being too rough, I only see how much he loves his family.


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