To My Husband On Our Anniversary

To my husband of 16 years, The man who took a chance On saying hi At Sunrise Hall To the girl moving in To Room 314 We were both teenagers You and I Designer Photographer Hard worker Dreamer You drove me to church In your CRX The fast car With the loud speakers And sunroof open Along A1A You proposed In a suit Our toes in the sand Ocean winds On our skin In the clear night sky A barge Anchored offshore I said, "yes" One [...]

Monarch Miracle

A couple years ago my daughter asked for some milkweed and a caterpillar. It was a simple request with amazing results. A wonder filled spring.   And now it's springtime again and there's a special kindergarten class I know studying caterpillars and butterflies. So I collected those images and videos I captured from my little girl's wonder filled spring and made this little video to share. I [...]

The Gift of a Dream

This is a story about my brother David. But really it's my story. It's a deeply personal account of faith and praying for miracles and trusting God regardless of the outcome. God gave me the gift of His love and presence in a dream. I've pondered this for some time and although I don't completely understand it myself, I [...]