A Cure For Complaining

  The Tale of Meshka the Kvetch copyright 1980 by Carol Chapman illustrations by Arnold Lobel published by E.P. Dutton New York This little tale makes me quite happy. I love the soft color palate and texture in the illustrations and I love the language in this tale -words and phrases like,  Meshka, Yiddish, Kvetch, kosher pickles, oy vey, and Wall of Jericho This is a picture [...]

Joy Dare {gifts 70-93}

Thinking about this Joy Dare, taking down and photographing these 1,000 things I'm thankful for, I think it's the time I take to stop and look back at my gifts that make me happy. These little things I've collected in photographs from my week make me smile and give thanks again.   A gift turned, a gift folded, a gift hung 70. [...]

Continuing To Count 1000 Gifts

February 26) 3 gifts seen as reflections 10. Palms in the blue water 11. Myself - I don't always like looking in the mirror and I'd much rather be photographing others 12. Coffee together on a Monday. He's working and I'm reading, but we're together 27) 3 Ugly Beautiful Gifts 13. My Brother David - He was hit by a car when he was almost nine. [...]