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Joy Dare Gifts 34-69

Thank you God for these gifts

These are my gifts, my sweet blessings posted from Ann’s Joy Dare.

I’ve missed joining in on Mondays so far…

I’m still trying to figure out the best way to post 21 photos of gifts each week. The last post was a collage of my gifts, but I really like seeing each photo in whole. Today I’m only posting some from the last couple of weeks. I’m curious to see how others are joining in and posting photos.

Three Gifts Found



34. Sticks

Oh, how God Provides. Even in the little details. No woods or forest to play in and find branches, only manicured condo lawns. I was wondering where the nearest craft store was. Wondering how much little branches might cost. Instead I went to my children’s favorite tree, the one over by the tennis coursts. I found the branches. I was excited to finally be able to make our branches for our Easter Devotional from Ann’s Trail to the Tree. I was humbled when I read to the kids that night Day 2 a Ram in the Thicket 

the prayer:

We fearlessly fear you, our Jehovah Jireh, for being our Provider, the One Who sees to “it” – everything.

-Ann Voskamp

Yes, everything. Even sticks. I imagine his care is over my heart to teach my kids about Him.

35. Where the mocking bird sings

36. From the fisherman

A Gift Bent, A Gift Broken, A Gift Beautiful

37. Palms bending in March winds

38. Broken ballerina

39. Sunlight through pink hibiscus




Three Gifts In The Kitchen

40. Sharing a peach with my girl

41. Catch of the Day bowls for guessing games for picky eaters

42. Eggshell cross from Pre-K


Three Gifts Loud

43. Practicing

44. Playing

45. Kids arguing


Three Gifts Carved

46. Olive wood cross from Israel

47. Lion for our son from Liberia

48. Giraffe for our daughter from Liberia


Three Gifts In Christ

49. My Husband

50. My Kids. I’m always learning more about my own relationship to God through them.

51. My Salvation


Three Gifts Read

52. One Thousand Gifts

53. A note from Kindergarten

54. Reading Surprises According to Humphrey together at bedtime


A Gift In Water, In Wind, In White

55. Washing it all away

56. A dandelion day

57. White clovers for bees



Three Gifts Round

58. Pink flowers in bloom

59. Hibiscus opening

60. Home


Three Gifts Found In Silence

61. Time for working on a dream

62. Enjoying a warm cup of coffee

63. Time for daydreaming

Three Gifts Given Away

64. One Thousand Gifts

65. A letter to our Compassion Girl

66. A note in a lunch box

Three Hard Eucharisteos

67. Thinking of my brother before his car accident

68. Waiting for promises

69. My son’s injury

I had just photographed this door for the first time a couple days before. This round handle. Our home. I didn’t know it would have my little guy’s blood on it.

He came upstairs with his friend and knocked. I thought they were being silly. When he came in his hands were covering the back of his head and before I saw his shirt and hands I heard him say, “Mommy! I’m so sorry, I’m so sorry!”

My sweet boy had fallen off a skateboard and hit his head. I don’t handle injury and blood well. I close my eyes when they get a shot at the doctor, but this was beyond that. I was scared. My little girl crying for her brother, but God helped calm me and sent a sweet neighbor to help.

My husband made it home to take our boy to urgent care. He ended up with two staples to his little head.

We talked afterwards and I asked him if he was apologizing for scaring me and he said, “No mom. I wasn’t saying sorry for scaring you. I was sorry for disobeying.”

He went on a friend’s skateboard without a helmet and without my permission.

I think the hard Eucharisteo was his.

I’m thankful he’s okay and God kept him safe.


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