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Personal Typing


This Throwback Thursday book is dedicated to my mom.

–Disclaimer: This one isn’t a picture book, but it does have fantastic illustrations and I couldn’t resist the fun of it when I found it at the thrift store.

Personal and Professional Typing

S. J. Wanous


South-Western Publishing Company

photo 3

I think I grew up in a strange time of transition, sort of an in an in-between state. Old technology VS. new technology. A bit of time spent in darkrooms developing my own film and making prints, learning to type on a typewriter, and also learning how to use a computer and getting photos burned onto Kodak CDs.

I had the privilege of taking one class learning to type on an electric typewriter. I say it’s a privilege because I learned how to type on a keyboard well and it’s been something I’ve used ever since.

Technology is still changing, and it always will be, but for now  my son still has to sit down to type reports for school on our Mac and he doesn’t know the keyboard. He types essays one little letter at a time, click… click… click… It’s painful to watch sometimes.

I know the time he could save by learning to type. My fingers find the keys on their own, no scanning for the letters, no thinking involved.  I wish he had this skill.

photo 2

photo 1

I wonder if my nostalgic find might be put to some good with my kiddos?

It might be fun to use this manual and see what happens.

Does anyone learn to type like this anymore?





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