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The Magic Machine


The wonder of children always inspires me.

Well almost always…

For me, the joy comes from capturing the moment with my camera. Like this moment when my kids stopped all play to sit and watch the clothes in our new washing machine.

They might have very well imagined this as a magic machine. I was equally happy to have such a nice new machine, but magic would never have been my name for it…

Yes, I complain about doing laundry. In fact my exact words to my son yesterday while in the grocery store were, “Honey, don’t do that to your clothes! I just washed those.” Somewhere in my imagination, I think that if I can get an eight year old boy to walk around very carefully all day long he might be able to get one more wear out of the clothes before they end right back in the dirty basket. I can dream right?

Just incase you find yourself a little less than thrilled with doing laundry (not at all complaining like I do;) here’s a little bit of laundry wonder to add to your clothes washing routine.

This is from Hans Rosling’s TED talk, the Magic Washing Machine.


[ted id=1101]







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