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Art Vs. Math

Don’t tell my kids, but I prefer art over math.

But they may already know that.

I try a positive approach when it comes to homework and study time. I really do. But I realized this week I may need more than a positive attitude.

My cute boy had two of his art projects at school chosen for two different art shows this week. He is beyond excited about it. And well, I’m pretty proud of him.

My husband and I met at the Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale. He was studying design and I was studying photography. It’s fascinating to watch our kids now enjoy their own creative process. We love seeing them create and draw and dream big things.

(Monsters with Dad inspired by Stefan G. Bucher’s Daily Monster and Africa for her Daddy’s trip to Liberia)

So where is the struggle? My son’s math grades this year. It’s those silly times tables. I feel a bit uncreative in helping my son learn his multiplication.

And then it hit me. The art! It could be natural. But maybe it’s learned.

Since my kids were tiny we’ve given them pencils, brushes, and watercolors.

We read stories and look at the art. And then sometimes we paint or draw that art together. There is always a supply of watercolor paper, paints, and brushes on hand. Bins of crayons and colored pencils are always full and out for use. They draw in sketchbooks at night in bed.

(Inspired from Tao Nyeu’s Bunny Days and Oliver Jeffers’ How to Catch a Star)

So, is that it?

What if I spent more time and detail and fun with numbers? Is it that simple? Should my table have a steady supply of math flash cards and calculators and um… numbers? Maybe my struggle isn’t as big as I’ve imagined it to be. What if I incorporate math into the everyday in a casual way like I do with art?

Maybe I should give it try.

For now though I’m pretty proud of my son. And so are his dad and sister.

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