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Cooking Should Be Simple


Pancakes For Breakfast by Tomie De Paola


More wordless and wonderful picture books

I found this great school copy at a Salvation Army. It was issued as a textbook, but it looks like it was never read.

Copyright 1978 –The summary reads, “A little old lady’s attempts to have pancakes for breakfast are hindered by a scarcity of supplies and participation of her pets.”

I love how hard the little old lady works to get her pancakes, how as she gathers all the ingredients, you see her imagining eating her stacks of yummy pancakes dripping with fresh maple syrup. She gets so close!

The cute little lady on the cover perfectly matches the story from beginning to end.

I hope I have as much grace in the kitchen this Thanksgiving as Tomie De Paola’s little old lady! If my imagination of the perfect dinner goes terribly wrong, maybe there will be a neighbor close by…

“… I knew I was going to be an artist when I grew up, from a very early age.

And the great thing is I never changed my mind.” –Tomie De Paola from Artist to Artist

  • Check out this fun list of  more wordless picture books from the Eric Calre Museum of Picture Book Art.
  •  Wave, by Suzy Lee is another one of our family favorites. This is the perfect book for letting your imagination play along the shore when you’re stuck inside and dreaming of a day at the beach.

Do you have any favorite wordless picture books?

A Book Giveaway –Celebrate my Grandma Betty’s 90th birthday with Me!


My Grandma Betty celebrated her 90th birthday this week.

To celebrate with her you can enter to win a copy of her devotional book, Dare to Live: Devotions for Those Over the Hill, Not Under It! 

If you aren’t a senior yet, this would make a sweet Christmas present for grandparents.

Head over to goodreads to Enter.  Entries close tomorrow, Nov. 22, 2013

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