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On the Farm



The Farm 

A Golden Book

Published 1980

Cover photograph by M. Salamon

Back Cover by M. Barrows

Found: Salvation Army

photo 3

I was so excited when I found this little book at Salvation Army. It combines two of my favorite things in children’s books, it’s a board book and the story is told through photographs. A little gem to teach little ones all about a day on the farm.

My kiddos live in sunny south Florida, much of the farm life they know of is through books or what they’ve seen on T.V. One of our favorite family trips took us on a long drive from Detroit to Buffalo, winding through rural parts of beautiful Ohio along the way. The kids were mesmerized by the miles of farmland. True to the pictures they’d seen of farms, we saw sprawling fields with cattle grazing near big red barns. My sweet girl stared out her window, “Mom look! Are those real barns?” She was amazed to see the real deal in person. It’s one of my favorite memories from the trip.

photo 1

photo 2


What are some of your favorite photo illustrated books? 


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