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Three Bedtime Stories

Throwback Thursday Picture Books!

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Three Bedtime Stories

The Three Little Kittens – The Three Bears – The Three Little Pigs

Today’s Throwback Thursday Picture Book is one of my own childhood picture books. I love finding old picture books in thrift stores, but I scored this favorite on a visit home a few years ago. This was a much-loved and read picture book by me and my sister. I love that I can read this with my children now.

Three Bedtime Stories isn’t the classic small square Golden Book. It’s quite tall. The perfect size for taking in detailed illustrations by Garth Williams. Especially for the illustration of the Big Bad Wolf  peering in through the little house made of sticks.

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Twentieth Printing, 1973

The Three Bedtime Stories are classics. I’d say I could probably recite these stories to my children from memory.

Except for The Three Little Pigs –I thought the first little pig ran to his brother’s house (I’ve always imagined they were brothers) after the Big Bad Wolf blew down the house of straw. Next, the two little pigs run together for their brother’s house made of bricks after the house of sticks is blown in. Then the wolf follows and is defeated by the hardest working brother’s sturdy construction and they all live happily ever after.


I had it all wrong. Are you ready?

“Then the big bad wolf huffed and he puffed, and he blew the house in.

He ate up the fat little pig. And that was the end of the first little pig.”

Did you already know?

I must have made up my own fairytale ending for these little pigs. Don’t worry though –The hard working brother’s time in constructing his brick house paid off and not all was lost.

“The third little pig had wolf stew for dinner that night.”

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What was one of your favorite childhood picture books? Do you still have any?


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  • V.E.G. Reply

    Best of all, The Three Little Kittens has been around since the first publishing of the Christmas Carol with Charles Dickens!

    March 19, 2015 at 4:27 pm

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