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A Very Eric Carle Halloween

Happy Halloween

Throwback Thursday Picture Books

~Halloween Edition

Halloween is an odd holiday, but I’ve come to love this obscure day because it also happens to be my sweet boy’s birthday.

Today’s post is a celebration of  Hans Christian Andersen, and favorite picture book artist Eric Carle, birthday’s, and pumpkins.

photo 1

Seven Stories by Hans Christian Andersen Illustrated and Retold by Eric Carle

I had never seen this book from Eric Carle before and I was so excited  when I found this in the thrift store.

The stories remind me a little of those in The Eric Carle Storybook Collection, but with darker storylines. It’s a curiosity in that matter. Or was, until I read a little more about Hans Christian Andersen. If you have more time, check out this site, The Hans Christian Andersen Storytelling Center. There’s a short biography about him and the Storytelling Center hosts Storytelling days in the summertime in Central Park. I would love to add going to Central Park in New York to hear his fairytales told at his statue to my bucket list.

When I first bought the book, I thought some of the stories may be too scary for my little girl. Now that she and her brother are a bit older the stories will be a fun read together. I’m sure they’ll spark interesting conversations.

There is a letter in the back of the book by Eric Carle about Hans Christian Andersen and thoughts about making this book and the art to go along with the stories. In it he states:

“I wanted to retell and illustrate Andersen’s stories in order to make them accessible to young children…”

photo 4

This is an illustration from the story, The Traveling Companion

My favorite story from the seven stories is, The Magic Boots. 

“A well-known judge loved to talk about the good old times. Whether he was visiting someone else or someone was visiting him, it wasn’t long before he began talking about the olden days and how much better they had been…”

Here’s to the good old days and to all the little pumpkins born on Halloween… 

photo 1

photo 2

My Very Hungry Caterpillar inspired pumpkin -created with tissue paper, Mod Podge, and Sharpie

…and few photos of my own little pumpkin!












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