The Breast Cancer Diaries | Part 6

NOTE: This is part 6 in this series, click for part 1,  part 2, part 3, part 4, and part 5   Before It All Starts December 29, 2021 | Wednesday Somehow I’m lucky enough to have everyone home with me for the start of everything. Ethan has been living and working in North Carolina and he finished his job up there and moved back home for [...]

The Breast Cancer Diaries | Part 4

The Breast Cancer Diaries | Part 4  NOTE: This is part 4 in this series, click for part 1,  part 2, and part 3. Step by Step December 16, 2021 I’m thinking about the long in-between and all the stress of wanting to know whether I had cancer or not. I just wanted to know and waiting for the answer was hard. It’s [...]

The Breast Cancer Diaries | Part 2

The Waiting - the Long In-between November 4, 2021 | Thursday It’s one day before my mammogram and ultra sound. One day before knowing if I’m healthy or if I have cancer. It’s been approximately one month since I tried to make this appointment. There was nothing earlier. I tried. One month seems like a long time to wait to know if you’re [...]

Seeking Surf

What is it that brings you peace and freedom from fears during these Covid days? For me, it's time spent being refreshed by God's Word, reading a good book, and time at the beach. It's important to break away from the routines, the endless news cycle, and places of restriction. I try to make sure my kids get this too. I'm [...]